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Looking for inspiration for your pocket-sized outdoor patch? With thoughtful planning and some clever ideas, you can transform your tiny plot into a beautiful garden that makes the most of what space you have. From window box gardens to urban courtyards, here's how to think big in the smallest of outside spaces and create your own private piece of paradise.

Create a cosy garden corner with soothing colours and a warming firepit. Matthew Brown, Sadolin and Sandtex Technical Consultant suggests. "If you are choosing two colours that go together for the first time...stick with tones of the same basic colour like a pale grey-green with a deeper olive." Complement the natural hues of the garden then warm the look with a firepit on legs that can be nudged into a small space. 

Make foliage stand out in a small garden by coordinating colours. These contemporary grey flower pots are colour-matched to exterior walls making the bright spring blooms burst with colour. Their freestanding design means they can be easily re-potted with alternative colours as the seasons change. 

These small galvanised zinc pots are a great way to introduce new trends into small spaces. Rustic bucket-style metal planters filled with classic and colourful plants evoke a farmhouse feel that's effortlessly stylish. Position them on steps, on windowsills or garden shelves for an extra hint of rustic décor.

Use 70s-style garden furniture to make the most of a small space. The curvaceous design suits compact gardens while the intricate stringed seat and backrests will allow light to stream through. Choose a vibrant shade of green for natural, yet retro vibes. 

Tiny gardens often have to make do with small features and furniture so why not give them a 'larger than life' look to stand out? This striking enclosed garden looks incredible with vibrant cobalt blue walls. The wow-factor injection of colour is balanced with a carpet of lush faux grass and a leafy living wall.

Keep a small garden balanced and looking spacious with landscaping hardcore that reflects its size. These small scale sleepers make a stylish low-level wall that doesn't cramp the design. You can then afford to go large with planting. 

Beat your neighbours to new trends by bringing a garden rug to your outdoor scene. With so many patterns and colours to choose from, it's a great way to zone and draw attention to an area. M ade from hardwearing, water-resistant material they can be kept outside during summer months and lightly hosed down after the barbecue or once children have finished playing. 

Try creating a patterned statement wall in your small garden. This beautiful floral mural has fresh peach and soft green tones that pack it with plenty of personality. The timber-effect porcelain base is an ideal choice for garden walls.

If you have a bit more space to play with, an outdoor shelving unit can add an attractive, indoor-outdoor look to your garden, especially if you scatter a few ornaments around your plants. Go for tiered shelves that will make the most of vertical space. 

Blend the outdoors in by turning your small garden into an outdoor room. Throw doors or windows open as wide as possible and then add occasional-style garden furniture, a coffee table and an outdoor rug to the patio or terrace. Grow foliage up exterior walls or a trellis to create a cosy and intimate vibe. Add colour by matching cushions to flowers in pots. 

Got a spare wall or a redundant corner that needs transforming? Well, with a simple projection screen, some fairy lights, and comfy scatter cushions, you can make the ultimate at-home cinema. You can peg a white sheet to your washing line to create the screen, or buy a pop-up one that can be rolled away when not in use. How's that for garden theatrics?

Attention to detail will stand out in small gardens all the more. This practical hook rack that spells 'garden' will add cottage character when used to hang gardening tools or workwear. 

There are lots of gardening gadgets that are particularly suited to growing on a balcony but the simplest way is to use window boxes to plant flowers, easy-to-care-for plants and herbs for the kitchen. Attach them to the railings with S-hooks at different levels and fill with pansies or begonias for colour. Finally, invest in a small-scale folding bistro table and chair to make the most of your little oasis.

This summer will be all about family gatherings and dinner parties with friends. So, why not create the ultimate alfresco space for hosting? No matter how big your outdoor area is, there's an option for you. If you're short on space, opt for dining furniture that can be folded or tucked away. An outdoor kitchen or wall-mounted bar is another great way to create an entertaining space that all your friends will be envious of...

Create a compact garden getaway with rich colour and tropical foliage. Start with a statement tiled or stencilled floor and paint walls rich apricot yellow. Plant palms, banana leaf ornamental shrubs and add bright and exotic soft furnishings to garden furniture. All that's needed now is a cocktail or two.

Got a spare wall or a redundant corner that needs transforming? Well, with a simple projection screen, some fairy lights and comfy scatter cushions, you can make the ultimate at-home cinema. You can peg a white sheet to your washing line to create the screen, or buy a pop-up one that can be rolled away when not in use. How's that for garden theatrics?

Not much of a backyard? You need to consider how every inch of space is used. Is your porch lacking lustre? Well, then perhaps it's time to transform yours into the ultimate outdoor oasis. Install a fabulous front door, accessorise your deck and maybe even add a rocking chair or swing seat for whiling away the hours in style. After all, first impressions are everything.

Draw the eye to the back of your small garden by adding a DIY bar to enjoy alfresco celebrations. Look for a compact design that incorporates a low-level bench and pergola. Fill the bench with plenty of colourful outdoor cushions and increase the sense of space by placing a mirror behind the bar to reflect light.

There are plenty of ways to create a beautiful garden that wildlife will love. You can design small habitats for hedgehogs and birds, as well as filling your flower borders or pots with pollinating plants that insects won't be able to resist. Butterflies are attracted to strongly scented plants such as lavender and rosemary, while foxglove and geranium plants are great for bees. Insect hotels are also adorable and will attract and protect these clever little critters.

From man caves to she sheds, home offices, gyms or yoga studios, make your garden room or shed work harder for you. Your tiny space could be dedicated to your favourite hobby, or it could be a mini sanctuary for self-care – a little oasis away from the kids, with fabulous décor and maybe even a coffee station or gin bar for your weekend gatherings.

Give a small enclosed garden a pretty and heartwarming feel with floral tones. Start by painting fences with a warm pinkish shade that's instantly welcoming. Pop in benches set against the fence painted iris blue for contrast and depth and finish with purple painted fruit boxes filled with real lavender. 

Plant filled beds look all the more cheery when dotted with hidden surprises. This small yet mature garden is planted with tropical-inspired foliage, so finding colourful creatures like this toucan nestled within adds quirky tongue-in-cheek character.

A contemporary water feature is the main focus in this walled courtyard garden. Lush tropical planting combined with gentle waterfall sounds and ambient lighting sets off a perfect balance and flow that's garden zen.

A stylish garden screen can hide outdoor mess and organise your small space into a perfect pocket zone. Cube 1994 transformed this new-build garden into a low maintenance yet attractive garden. Corten steel decorative panels are in keeping with the colour palette and create a convenient utility to screen off the shed and dustbin area.

A simple and conventional garden layout that encourages the eye up and out will naturally make a garden feel bigger and look its best. Start with a sunken patio with steps up to a lush and healthy lawn. Create privacy with low-maintenance, evergreen shrubs on either side that can be pruned into soft shapes. 

Small ponds add interest and can be used as garden dividers. This black concrete trough acts as a contemporary partition for the raised dining area. Additional black and white walls frame the decking in a sculptural and striking design. 

The good news about owning a small garden or terrace is that you shouldn't need a huge awning to protect yourself from the elements. A large umbrella can be brought out when you want some shade and moved easily to enjoy the rays. This vintage-style parasol looks the part in a delightfully rustic courtyard. 

One benefit of a small garden means you don't have to spend a fortune on good quality materials to make a big impact. Railway sleepers are a popular choice for outdoor spaces as they are solid, hardwearing and sleek. A smart row of sleepers look chic set around the perimeter of a small garden and are a practical edging for raised beds. Sand the natural surface for a rustic look or choose a dark stain for an outdoor scheme that is urban and contemporary. 

Circles are a small garden asset as they create the illusion of a wider outdoor space. The three main circles in this compact garden: one laid to lawn and two in circular patio tiling makes the space contemporary and interesting. The surrounding planting beds also follow a curve to enhance the broad illusion. Have you noticed the 'sphere balls' water feature too? There isn't a right angle in sight. 

Give an old wall a facelift with a paint effect.  Alice Richardson-Payne turned her concrete backyard into a stunning oasis with a cool grey scallop design topped with a Moroccan stencil design in white. Artificial grass and cute pink wall planters complete the transformation.

Turn your small garden into an allotment-style space to grow your own and you won't have to travel far for a full harvest. Farmhouse kitchen gardens are a big trend this season as we spend more time at home and with the right plant choices they can look good too. This country garden combines herbs and vegetables with snowdrops, rambling roses and perennial borders to produce colour, food and fragrance all year round.

Interesting seating always stands out in small spaces. This garden wheel bench is space-savvy as well as unique. The water-resistant combination of stainless steel, polycarbonate and timber offer both shade and reflection of heat.​

Even small gardens can enjoy luxurious features when planned well. This compact plunge pool set within a courtyard patio is perfect for lounging in. Tall trees create privacy and make an ideal finish, adding a Mediterranean twist. 

A zigzag grass and patio pattern makes this small box garden so much fun and seemingly bigger too. As daylight darkens streamlined floor-level rope lighting highlights the design making the outdoor space even more striking.  

As long as you keep to the rules so the garden looks like it planted itself and has an informal feel then you can't go wrong with a country-style backyard however tiny your space. A cute shed and romantic arbour seat painted in matching blue tones and surrounded by large purple blooms make this small but perfectly formed country garden look fairytale fantastic. 

Screens made of long strips of cane teamed with stylish rattan furniture will set the tone for a small and enclosed Japandi-style garden terrace. Keep the calm with lush swaying bamboo and green leafy foliage planted in black contemporary pots. 

Small gardens in built-up areas are often overlooked. Create privacy by moving your social space to a corner and against a fence or hedge. For extra seclusion install screens or a trellis that can grow climber fruit plants. Once established the patio will become a concealed colourful and fragrant retreat.  

It's a good idea to plan a small garden around a hot tub so it doesn't look overbearing and cumbersome. This small outdoor space has raised a corner of the garden for the hot tub with a decking and hard landscaped circular design to soften the edges. This leaves space for a pathway, dining area and even a small lozenge-shaped lawn – the ultimate soak and social. 

Jazz up drab concrete slabs with a stylish garden floor. Hayley Stuart created this striking monochrome garden path and transformed her garden. Hayley started by paint rolling the tiles with a white masonry paint base. Once dry, she carefully stencilled the pattern onto the surface with black paint to create a stylish geometric spot design. To finish, it was sealed with two coats of patio and paving seal to protect the surface from the elements. Pretty dreamy, hey?

If you enjoy outdoor dining and entertaining but space is tight in your small garden look for dining sets that include benches instead of chairs. The benches will slot neatly underneath the table when not in use and allow more space to walk around the area. Benches can squeeze in more bottoms too; make the hard surfaces comfortable with a set of seat cushions that complement the alfresco table setting. 

Firepits are warming and cosy but can take up a lot of space. Look out for small, slim versions and, if possible, make it multifunctional too. This tall outdoor oven can act as a firepit and barbecue in one. The contemporary legs and dome structure make it space-saving and stylish for parties or family occasions, plus it's easy to pack away afterwards. 

Get creative in your small garden by going with a coherent planting and decorating theme. Moroccan-style terrace tiles create the perfect canvas for an ornate iron bistro table and chair. Finish the bohemian corner with desert-style plants potted in hammered bronze pots for the ultimate in souk style.

Don't rule out a water feature just because you have a small garden. The sound of flowing water creates a peaceful and soothing atmosphere and will benefit the entire tiny space. Look for petite freestanding versions; this circular concrete feature looks contemporary and can be slot in and moved anywhere. The little water fountains are illuminated to enhance the movement and give a soft glow after dark. 

Refrain from making your small garden dark and claustrophobic by choosing a waist-height fence. The border will create a unified space especially if you paint it in a light-reflective, pale shade. Built-in flowerbeds in the same style as the fence take up less room than separate planters and help the garden to feel calm and open rather than cramped and cluttered. 

Give your small garden a decorative feel with the addition of outdoor shelving. Whether it's one long surface or a group of various types, outdoor shelves are just as effective for displaying favourite plants, lanterns and garden ornaments outdoors as they are in. We love this chalky embellishment of tiny easy-care succulents in cement planters.

Elongate a narrow garden by drawing the eye to the end of its boundary. Create a seating area at the back as a focal point but don't overcomplicate the layout. Lead the way with a central path and use the same large-scale tiles for the patio in a grid design to complete the illusion.  

Yes, a small garden can accommodate a snug summer house or miniature but dazzling garden room, so why not make it the main attraction? Choose a style that expands the full width of a narrow garden to make it the star of the show. Use the rest of your outdoor space to complement the structure by arranging furniture in a social scene around it. Neutral colours keep the space light and bright and outdoor string lights hung around the whole garden will tie everything together. 

Enjoy your small garden into the evening with an ambient candlelit glow. Whether they are real, battery-operated or solar-powered, large lanterns will light up your whole tiny space and are portable too. Group in different heights to make a stylish centrepiece for alfresco dining. 

When choosing garden furniture for your small garden look for options that are easy to move and rearrange for different occasions. Sectional furniture can one day work like a lazy sun lounger and the next, be moved about into a social setting for a gathering. Finish the inviting scene with colourful outdoor cushions and hang paper lanterns from trees above to keep the party going into the evening. 

Use windowsills to exhibit beautiful floral displays. Whether you have a built-for-purpose window box or set troughs on the window ledge, they will free up floor space and inject a burst of colour into your small garden. Choose compact and trailing varieties, put the tallest plants in the middle of the containers and then work outwards.

Create the illusion of extra height and space by painting a back fence or wall a block colour. A dark shade creates a dramatic contrast and makes a contemporary statement with a cocooning effect. Choose foliage that stands out from the backdrop such as red acer plants or bright green bamboo. ​

Having a small garden doesn't mean you can't enjoy the best of the warmer weather – while you may not be able to stretch to an outdoor kitchen, a small-scale barbecue can be easily stored away over the winter. Choose something with bright features to add an extra splash of colour to your outdoor space.

If you love to live outdoors during the warm months, then make sure you’re sitting as comfortably as you would in your living room. Cushions are an easy, space-efficient way to add colour and comfort to garden seating. Go for fabrics that are designed to be used outside – Sunbrella, for example – to prevent them fading in the sunshine or developing mildew if the weather turns damp. A designated outdoor-use rug will complete the alfresco lounge look. 

When garden space is limited a tiny shed is ideal for keeping taller garden tools such as rakes and spades. This two-toned rustic style also has savvy storage shelves for essentials like trugs and watering cans too. 

If you don't have room for a shed in your small garden, create a surface dedicated to seeding and planting with an attractive potting table. The elevated workspace will keep you organised and save your back from unnecessary bending. Choose one with plenty of shelf space for pots, tools, strings and soil on shelves beneath. You can even create your own potting station from pallets.

When it comes to garden fences, simple, slatted designs work wonders in a small space. The gaps between the slats let light flood through and hint at the space beyond. Go for a semi-slatted version if you need privacy or want to screen off functional outdoor spaces, such as bin stores. 

If you don't have room in your garden for a shed smaller savvy storage boxes are a handy alternative. Compact in size, they fit in small spaces and hold a surprisingly large amount of equipment. Whether it's wood or faux wood-effect plastic they make practical outdoor toy boxes too. 

Keep vital floor space clear by mounting wall planters. Whether you choose to grow herbs, flowers or vegetables a vertical garden is a super space-saver and is an attractive way to jazz up a dull wall. The plants are likely to do well as the porous wall surface should retain heat from sunshine well. 

Whether it's a central lawn framed with a matching border or simply two identical hanging baskets either side of a door to offer a warm welcome, creating symmetrical elements in a small garden will make it feel balanced and well-organised.

Pots are the patio gardener’s best friend. They can be incredibly versatile – you can use them to grow flowers, herbs, salads, some vegetables, shrubs and even small trees. Combine pots in different colours, sizes and textures to keep things interesting and harness the power of perspective by placing larger pots closer to the house and smaller pots further away, creating the illusion of extra distance.

Built-in furniture is an excellent space-saver, both inside and out. A landscaped garden bench makes the most of every inch of space and can also do double duty as a boundary wall for raised beds. A corner bench will give you maximum seating while taking up as little floor space as possible. 

Create impact as soon as you step out the door with a striking feature or arrangement. Here, a trio of complementary concrete pots creates a stylish urban focal point in a small square footage. The various heights with tropical-style foliage look green, lush and impressive. ​

Tall planters on legs are a great way to make the most of limited patio space and make an original display for trailing or structured plants. Cluster them together in different heights to add depth and attention to detail to your garden. 

Mirrors make practical as well as pretty additions to small gardens as they reflect the light and create the illusion of more space. Not only do they add a sense of depth, but they can also create the impression of architectural features in a stripped-back garden or highlight existing features when hung inside a recess, for example. 

If space is too tight for a bulky stand-alone swing sofa or hammock go for a hanging rope chair instead. Surround it with tropical-style plants and transport yourself to a tiny oasis of calm. 

Attention to detail goes a long way in smaller gardens, so a quirky planter will give your patio an adorable twist. Put this little dachshund close to the kitchen door and he will make the cutest mini garden.

If your small garden or courtyard has steps leading down to it make use of the graduating height by decorating the treads (safely) with flowers and plants. These vibrant retro-style plant pots fill a grey corner with colour. 

Make your home magical for children with a playful addition to the flowerbed. Conjure up a delightful fairy garden that lets kids and visitors know they are not alone. You never know, this could be the beginning of a new hobby; Etsy have a range of imaginative accessories like fairy doors and furniture to set up little scenes among the plants.

Biophilic homes and living walls used to only be seen in the pages of architectural property magazines but not anymore. Now that the equipment is sold in most garden centres it's much easier to create a lush and natural focal point. They not only look contemporary and designer but provide privacy and keep much-needed floor space clear for furniture. 

There are lots of gardening gadgets that are particularly suited to growing on a balcony but the simplest way is to use window boxes to plant flowers, easy-to-care-for plants and herbs for the kitchen. Attach them to the railings with S-hooks at different levels and fill with pansies or begonias for colour. Finally, invest in a small-scale folding bistro table and chair to make the most of your little oasis.

Who says small gardens can't have trees? Olive trees, bay, holly and even some types of fruit trees do well in containers when pruned and looked after.

No room for a vegetable plot? You can always find a way to grow vegetables even in tiny gardens. Like in this unusual little hanging planter which is, of course, a recycled colander planted with chillies and cherry tomatoes. It's a great way of upcycling your old stuff. For best results hang in a warm and sunny spot and water every single day, feeding with tomato feed once a week.  

If you have a little more room, compact, stacking vegetable planters will allow you to grow your own on a small scale. They’re also easy to relocate in case you want to move your veg into a prime sun spot or store the boxes away for a while. 

A tall bistro-style table and bar stools should take up less patio space and look utterly cosmopolitan in a small garden. Look for versions that are stackable to save precious floor space when not in use.  

If there is no room for garden furniture go for a laid-back Eastern vibe with large floor cushions that can squeeze on more bottoms. These geometric and striped patterns in monochrome and mustard hues look fresh and modern.  

Whether it's using a trellis, hanging baskets or constructed concrete levels, creating height where space is at a premium will instantly draw the eye up to make a small garden seem bigger.

Small gardens benefit from well-designed landscaping as every inch is utilised by professionals who know how to create an attractive sense of space. This small urban garden looks stylish and contemporary with contrasting mixed materials, raised borders and a paved entrance.

Artificial grass can make a small garden's turf lawn look lush all year round. And, as only a small area needs to be covered it shouldn't be a huge investment or project either. They don't have to look fake; most now come in a range of tones and some even include varying heights to look as real as possible. 

Bamboo is a small garden's friend when kept neat. Its exotic shape and colour add structure, height and depth and it keeps its leaves all year round. Be prepared though; bamboo is a rapidly growing plant and can spread quickly if not kept pruned or grown in containers.

You don't need to downsize everything to make a small garden gorgeous. This compact country garden has done the opposite by planting plenty of oversized blooms to create a cosy and intimate space bursting with colour and character. It's ideal for zoning a dining area, for instance, at the end of a small garden.

Fairy lights are so pretty wherever they are strung and the simplest way to create a twinkling ambience as the evening sets in. Smaller gardens can get away with more intricate garden lighting like these delicate flower-shaped café lights as the detail isn't lost in the distance.

A splash of colourful paint is a cheap and easy way to transform a garden without taking up valuable square footage. You can introduce colour on your fence, walls, garden furniture, pots and even floor. For maximum impact, coordinate paint colours with your planting scheme. Hot pink, white or indigo flowers would be the perfect complement to the warm orange shown here.

Is there anything more inviting than a hammock on a lazy sunny day? They take up minimal space and can be easily packed away when summer’s over. If you don’t have strong tree branches to hang your hammock on, try attaching it to a porch or garden wall using heavy-duty hooks, or go for a freestanding model that hangs from its own frame.

Just as in the home, your garden benefits from a focal point. As well as providing practical space for sitting and dining, garden furniture can create a great focal point in your garden. A striking bench at the end of a path, for example, will catch the eye and draw attention to the furthest reaches of your garden, making it feel bigger than it is.

Lavender is an easy and aromatic way of adding a beautiful aroma as well as colour to small gardens. The hardy plants are easy to keep and look especially attractive when grown in vintage-style galvanised planters.

Being short on space doesn't mean you have to go without flowers, vegetables or herbs. In fact, vertical gardens are all the rage right now – and we can definitely see why. By elevating your planters off the ground and mounting them on a wall or fence, you'll not only be freeing up space but creating a stunning focal feature to really wow your guests with. From homemade pallet planters to decorative climbers, the world really is your oyster when it comes to vertical gardens.

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