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2022-06-15 11:21:19 By : Mr. susie zhang

Featuring a central atrium, a maze of passages, and an elevated sleeping net, this Scandinavian cabin breaks the mold inside and out

When approached by foot, the Meteorite Cabin by design studio Ateljé Sotamaa seems to emerge from the Eastern Finland forest that it sits in with the same mystical allure as a real chunk of space rock. The design was largely inspired by the client's Finnish roots and the rocky terrain of the Koli Forest, where large boulders once served as a defense during the country's Winter War (when the Soviet Union invaded in 1939).

At three stories high, the Meteorite Cabin cuts an intimidating picture amidst its woodland setting. Upon closer inspection though, the holiday home reveals itself as a playful experiment with space. With no specific predetermined purposes assigned to each of its individual rooms, the cabin is ever-changing and as flexible as its surrounding environment.

Each room, window, and opening branches off of a central atrium with a 107-square-foot skylight, organizing the entire dwelling around the shifting Finnish sky.

Light, locally sourced wood paneling is offset by black accents, cabinetry, and framing. The space is like a funhouse for grown-ups with various windows, doors, and openings positioned seemingly at random throughout the three stories, for "connecting vertically" with other housemates. There's even a net bed for stargazing out of the central skylight that stretches out above the top of the staircase.

Prefabricated CLT panels constructed offsite were used to build the cabin, allowing for quicker assembly with reduced impact on the surrounding site. Natural ventilation keeps the home cool, while electrically heated windows help warm the space in winter. The home is insulated primarily by air, relying on significant deadspace between the thick wood walls to trap heat.

The Meteorite Cabin was originally designed as a guesthouse, but the pandemic prompted its owners to move in more or less full time. With so much hygge packed into such a strange shape, it's easy to see why.

For another Finnish cabin, check out the Off-Grid Majamaja Village, which experiments in sustainable design with beautiful results.

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